Dinos in the wild

  • Where:Netherlands
  • Who:Cebo Holland
“The cost per pallet is greatly reduced and the quality of the pallet cover has been greatly improved.”

Cebo Holland:

Our shrink hood machine was at the end of its technical life and had to be replaced. We supply high quality Bentonite products. These products have the property that they still consolidate in the bags after bagging, which causes the stacked pallet to collapse. Therefore, a shrink hood will dissolve over time, and in some cases this leads to customer complaints.

We soon realized that we wanted to replace the shrink hood machine with a stretch hood machine. We have obviously looked at different manufacturers, but ultimately chose for the Dino because of: (i) good value – quality ratio (ii) mono technology, everything is electrically executed and (iii) quick placement and good after service.

The ease of use is also worth mentioning, all our operators were immediately able to work with the machine after the explanation. The operating display is very clear and simple. Changing the rolls is done by 1 operator and requires little time and there is no conversion time as the machine recognizes the different pallet sizes.

We now use the Dino for about 3 months and cannot imagine we have used shrink hood in the past. The working conditions have improved, we do not use gas anymore, there is no noise from the burners anymore. The cost per pallet is greatly reduced and the quality of the cover has been greatly improved.

This has also been noted by our customers and they all respond enthusiastically to our new packaging technique.

  • Where:India
  • Who:Automag
“Our costs per pallet have been reduced.”


We are very delighted to inform you that DINO stretch hood has earned its stripes in very demanding conditions (watertight and dust-free). The number of rejected shipments has drastically decreased, particularly for export shipments.

In addition, productivity has increased by at least 300% compared to what was previously possible with the conventional packaging machine.

Our costs per pallet have been reduced.

We genuinely appreciate the efforts your company has made and wish you every success!

  • Where:Netherlands
  • Who:Roof tiles
“Dino packs the roof tiles silently, tightly and securely together!”

Roof tiles:

From shrink film to stretch hood technology. The disadvantage of shrink film is that it deforms during transport, especially when braking, accelerating and turning corners. The result: roof tiles scrape against each other, leading to regular complaints from clients. That’s why the transition has been made to stretch film. The shrink film was also at a disadvantage in terms of energy efficiency: considerable gas consumption, expensive in the use of compressed air and the burners also made quite a lot of noise.

Why Dino?  We focused on several different machines and the Dino really stands out technically in our view. Virtually silent, no pneumatic drive hassles, SEW engines with frequency regulators and the machine has been built in such a way that the technical aspects are clearly visible. The price is also pretty good. In short, a solid Dutch product built with quality components and service that can be arranged very quickly.

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