Stretch Hood compared to other pallet packaging techniques.

Pallet wrappers, shrink hoods and stretch hoods. These are the three most common options when it comes to pallet packaging and pallet stabilisation. The question is: what is the best technique? The answer is simple: stretch hood.

The Dino Stretch Hood has a number of benefits that make it stand head and shoulders above pallet wrappers and shrink hood machines. It’s not for nothing that businesses are taking the step from wrapping and shrinking to stretch hood.

Comparison between different packaging systems
Holding strenghtHighestHighHigh
Energy consumptionLowHighLow
Roll changesFewestFewMany
Film consumptionLowHighLow
Optical propertiesHighestHighLow
Automated wrappingYesYesYes
Water/ dust proofYesYesNo
Packaging speedHighMediumMedium
Safety at packagingHighMediumMedium

Here are some of the main differences:

Guaranteed watertight

A wrapped pallet is never completely watertight. For many products, however, this is absolutely necessary or simply better for the product if it doesn’t get wet. The stretch hood technique is able to provide a 100% guarantee for a watertight result.

Much quicker, more than 100 pallets an hour

Both wrapping and shrinking are time-consuming processes, which can be avoided using the stretch hood technique. Moreover, Dino Stretch Hood works in such a way that a hood is being made while a previous pallet is being packaged. The result? A substantial increase in your capacity.

Sturdier thanks to vertical tension

A stretch hood stabilises your products both horizontally and vertically. This vertical tension can only be achieved with a Stretch Hood, which allows your products to be packed tighter against the pallet during transport.

At least 25% more energy efficient

Dino Stretch Hood operates without heat sources, pneumatics and hydraulics. This unique product design leads to enormous energy savings. Research shows that compressed air and hydraulic drives consume many times more energy than the energy-efficient electric motors of the DINO Stretch Hood.

Doesn't stick to your goods

Shrink film shrinks due to being heated up. In addition to the energy-wasting aspect, there is another disadvantage: the film can stick to your product. You can avoid this problem with the stretch hood technique.

Has the stretch hood technique convinced you yet?

Then view the benefits of Dino Stretch Hood compared to other stretch hood machines here.

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