Future Dino's

  • Industrie:Isolation materials
  • Product:Isolation materials
“Packing different pallets and products with one size of foil”

Packing different pallets and products with one size of film. Centralise pallet packing and pack the products water and dust tight so that they can be stored outdoors.

While the products are being wrapped, we ensure that the vertical tension of the foil provides maximum stability for the products. Because insulation material is a very light product, we have the foil dispensed onto the pallet. In this way the forks of the forklift truck can easily get into the pallet and the pallet will not be pushed away because the forks do not have to pass through the foil. The products are now packaged completely watertight and can therefore be stored outside.

The product is well protected against dust and moisture and can be stored safely outside. The product can also be transported stably.

  • Industrie:Chemicals
  • Product:Cans
“The pallet stability and foil saving are import”

Centralising the packaging of pallets. Economical and stability.

Packaging various possible stacks in which the product always remains stable on the pallet.

The more symmetrical the pallet stacking is, the more stable the products can be packed. The packaging price of a pallet with stretch foil is also many times cheaper than packing the pallet with cardboard or a strip and wrapping foil.

  • Industrie:Chemical industry
  • Product:extra protection
“Product breakage reduced by second cover for extra protection.”

To reduce product damage during container loading, I want more protection at the bottom side of the pallet. On this parts bags are toughing each other when loaded into containers.

Pallet is packed with Dino Stretch Hood after which a second machine cycle places an additional band of stretch hood film at the lower part of the pallet.
This second stretch hood is a cover with an open top. Read more about bags.

The product is better protected and product breakage reduced. Additional benefit is an increase of pallet stability.

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