Dino Stretch Hood, also the best solution for fragile products.

Dino Stretch Hood is a proven packaging solution for fragile products. Every movement is motorised and can therefore be set with great accuracy. What’s more, the vertical stretch provides added stability for products standing in an unstable position.

Sturdier thanks to vertical tension.

A stretch hood stabilises your products both horizontally and vertically. This so-called vertical tension can only be achieved with a Stretch Hood. In practical terms, it means that a stretch hood ensures your products are placed even more tightly against the pallet during transport.

  • Jerry cans
  • Reels
  • Yarn
  • Light products

Can’t see your product? No problem. Simply contact us.

Seeing is believing.

Would you like to see with your own eyes why Dino Stretch Hood is the best choice for you? We can test this for you. First you send us a number of pallets loaded with your products. Before getting started, we discuss with you the objective of the test. What type of film is best suited for your specific shipment? Which Dino Stretch Hood setting is most effective for your product? Then we do some test runs, as many as needed until we find the best answers to all your questions. Of course, you’re always welcome to be part of the test.

Want to know more or arrange a test with us?

Test your product.

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